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Data & Analytical Solutions

Transforming data into  manageable & valuable insights

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Data Mining

Being able to analyse large amounts of data to generate valuable insights is key to an organisation's success in the modern corporate climate. As companies, we often collect large amounts of raw data which then requires a lot of manipulation to be able to generate insights. At AEP, we understand this may be daunting and therefore we can help with your data mining processes; from using SQL to extract your data from its warehouse, to refining that data and identifying any outliers, to transforming it into a manageable and desired format ready for interpretation and further analysis.

Analytics & Insights

Once you have extracted the data you need the next step is to analyse the data to gain performance driving insights. Analysing your data to gain insights is key to vital and informed decision making which can enhance the efficiency of your business going forwards.


At AEP, we can support your analytical journey, whether you require us to conduct the full analysis for you, help to identify the key trends or collate the analysis into a presentable format so you can present your findings back to your stakeholders.

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Data Visualisations

Simplify your reporting with automated, interactive and graphical visualisations that can be shared across the business using software such as Tableau to track KPIs and key metrics.


Create bespoke reports for your teams & specific project meetings that are automatically refreshed at your desired frequency. Automating your reports with data visualisation tools makes it easier for businesses and teams to uniformly identify and interpret trends, flag data and performance issues and present the data to all levels of stakeholders.

Whether you require support building reports or assistance interpreting and investigating the visualisation outputs you already have, AEP Consultancy, can help.

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