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Client Reviews

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Fantastic Support

"Georgia was a great support in the setting up of my business. She made the unmanageable manageable by simplifying each step, managing the entire process and doing all the extensive research/planning"

Body Love PT - 19/07/2023

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We're Now Seen As A Major Hospitality Charity

"As the Only A Pavement Away charity grew we recognised that we had to become more sophisticated in how we recorded data, carried out analysis whilst becoming more accessible and supportive of/to our Members. We were told we needed a Data Warehouse, CRM system, policies, Trade marks, better use of technology, easier said than done. And that’s when AEP stepped in and plotted our technological and governance growth. AEP embedded itself into the culture of the charity and has set us on the road to being seen as a major charity within the hospitality industry."

Only A Pavement Away - 01/08/2023

Hiking Against Homelessness Reviews

An Incredible Weekend

"Thank you once again Georgia Mangham for organising the trip and for making a difference to so many people’s lives via Only A Pavement Away! 😁"

Chandler R - 26/06/2023

My Smile Says It All

"So proud to have been part of this with 51 hospitality colleagues - we’ve collectively raised an amazing £25k. Today my muscles are screaming at me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way."

Jo L - 26/06/2023

What An Awesome Weekend

"A huge thank you to Georgia Mangham for her amazing coordination skills in making the weekend such a brilliant event to be a part of. Here's to 2024...."

Rupert C - 26/06/2023

Snowdonia.... completed it mate

"Great weekend in Wales hiking Snowdon for Only A Pavement Away.

It was WAY tougher than I expected, with pouring rain and 35mph wind, BUT we did it and we've raised £25k for this amazing charity!

HUGE thanks to Georgia and Greg for organising such an incredible weekend. 👏"

Abby-Leigh C - 27/06/2023

Epic Weekend

"I knew hardly anyone on arrival but straight away I was reminded how incredible the hospitality industry is. Such amazing people, with fascinating life stories and a lot to learn from them.

Blown away by the organisation of everyone at Only A Pavement Away. Thank you so much for all of your passion and hard work. It was a joy to be a part of it!"

Mary L - 27/06/2023

Second to None

"Great job Georgia and Greg along with Gill for your super work looking after the whole team. The comment about now being part of the family is one I am personally honoured to share."

Barry G - 27/06/2023

My First Mountain Climb

"Georgia Mangham is the brainchild behind this event, and was steadfast in providing support throughout the hike, and really is one of the most inspiring people I have met :)"

Domenica DL - 27/06/2023

Incredible Weekend

"A huge thank you and hats off to Georgia, & family for your hard work in making this happen. A true inspiration, all 3 of you. It’s a privilege to support the amazing work you do for a fantastic cause"

Tasha G - 28/06/2023

Absolute Belter

"Absolutely loved every minute of it - meeting so many of you, the chats, the swims in the river, and of course the hiking. The most enormous thank you for organising and looking after us so well."

Caroline C - 29/06/2023

A Smash Of A Weekend

"So much fun. A true joy to meet so many great people. Thank you for memories. Georgia you rocked it again, thank you Gill and Greg for everything this weekend and yes I will be back next year!"

David A - 29/06/2023

Thanks To All

"Would like to say thanks to all, especially as the team work extended the whole weekend, not just the mountain."

Tracy C - 29/06/2023

Brilliant Weekend

"What a Brilliant weekend and such a huge achievement. Thank you so much Georgia, Greg and Gill what a beautiful family you are and I wish all the very best and continue this amazing work in changing people lives"

Sharon C - 29/06/2023

Great Weekend

"It was so nice to meet everyone, had a great weekend. Georgia and  Greg you smashed the organising and really glad I was part of it 🙌🏻"

Amy M - 29/06/2023

Great Weekend With The OAPA Family

"Great weekend spent with the OAPA family. I am currently on my back in the garden and other than hanging my washing out I don't plan on moving for a good few hours."

Darren R - 29/06/2023

Amazing Weekend

"The “thank yous” and hugs when we left weren’t enough to show true appreciation! I had an amazing weekend and that’s down to everyone in the Only a Pavement Away family. Thank you ☺️"

Claire W - 29/06/2023

Great To Meet Everyone

"Great to meet everyone, it was a fantastic weekend, thank you.  Amazing to see the money raised is continuing to increase"

Gail B - 29/06/2023

Amazing Weekend

"Thank you all so much for such an amazing weekend! Looking forward to the next challenge!"

Stephanie L - 29/06/2023

Ace Weekend

"I can only say thank you for such an ace weekend for such an amazing charity! ♥️ I won’t be moving from my hot tub for a few hours, and whether I can actually get out will be another question 😂"

Cassie L - 29/06/2023

Epic Weekend

"Thanks for having us on what was an epic weekend, couldn’t echo the comments anymore re the hospitality from Greg Georgia and Gill! 

3 things to remember: 

1) Waterproof means only water resistant and water resistant means you’re getting soaked through within 10 minutes. 

2) don’t offer to drive to and from Wales either side of climbing a mountain. 

3) book Monday off!!!"

Jack E - 29/06/2023

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